Ashcroft Observatory Lecture Series part 9

Messier Marathon (lab)

I am really excited for this one.  As quoted from  Ashcroft Observatory website:  

Where we stay up all night hunting for all the Messier objects available to us.  We’d really only have to be out there until people stopped showing up but it could conceivably go all night.  Saturday, October 13, 8:00 pm – Really Late!  This is an open house, feel free to come up whenever, but the Messier Marathon will take at least several hours.

If you are interested in what exactly the Messier objects are, I found this website to be quite useful.

M1: Crab Nebula
Crab Nebula.jpg

M2:  Globular Cluster in Aquarius
Messier 2 Hubble WikiSky.jpg

M3:  Globular Cluster Canes Venatici
M3LRGB 891x674.jpg

M31:  Galaxy in Andromeda
Andromeda Galaxy (with h-alpha).jpg

M33:  Galaxy in Triangulum

These are a few of the Messier objects I hope we get to see.


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