The Southern Utah Space Foundation was created in 2012 with the goal of supporting educational, and research opportunities with regards to space and our relationship to it.  Specifically the foundation was created to assist with the purchase of a new telescope for the Ashcroft Observatory in Cedar City. However, the foundation plans to continue pursuing these goals even after the purchase of the new telescope.

The current telescope, at the observatory, was purchased in the 1970s.  It was a good scope for the time, but there have been numerous advancements in technology and telescope design since that time.  New telescopes have better mirrors and better lenses. This allows them to produce larger and clearer images. In addition to these refinements a new telescope would come with a computer assisted tracking system. This computer would facilitate easier finding and tracking.

The current telescope also incurred some minor but noticeable damages during the recent annular solar eclipse.  It is still a remarkable piece of equipment, but the quality of the images it can produce has been somewhat compromised. Presently the observatory has the capability to teach and show many amazing things, but the potential of this facility could be exponentially better with a newwer, better telescope. For these reasons we have decided it is time to help obtain this laudable goal.

We are excited about the prospects that lay before us.  With your help we can do this great thing, and many more in the future. Thanks for your support!